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Casa Sober Lifestyle offers Sober Living Homes that are free from alcohol, drugs and any form of substance abuse. We provide support services for treatments and recovery programs. Our home becomes a place of refuge for recovering individuals - it is a refuge from the dangers of addiction and the dangers of losing focus from recovery. We provide a living environment of sobriety and spend our time creating a space which allows you to have a lifestyle of serenity in your home.

Casa Sober Living Homes enable clients to be surrounded with people who share the same goal - to get better and reclaim their lives. Many things may have been lost in the process of addictions' escalation. While we cannot  guarantee that everything you  lost can be regained, we do guarantee that we will help you build a sober life to take its place.

Even though Casa Sober Living Homes do not directly provide detoxification services, our home is conducive to their continuing recovery. The staff and the environment promote sobriety by initiating and participating in 12-step meetings, SMART meetings, group sharing, individual therapy and other sober activities that help regain your unclouded judgment to make the right decisions in life.

There is a struggle in the recovery process but your work will be worth every step to get sober.

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San Diego and Orange County
Phone: (877) 433-8693

"I'm out. Thanks for creating an atmosphere that damn well saved my life. I was in worse shape than you know when I moved in. I was hopeless and about to give up. That house was the last effort I was going to make at sobriety, at life. I'm not good at letting myself be supported, but that house did for me what I could not do for myself. I will be forever grateful"

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